Wendy Davis' Titanic Campaign Gets a New Captain
Even her logo is sinking

by Bryan Preston

Davis’ move is probably meant to show that she’s going to move more to the middle. It might also be intended to show that she doesn’t actually despise the voters that she needs to support her, despite her having made a couple of anti-Texas statements to her supporters. Davis has been spending an awful lot of time campaigning and fundraising outside Texas, in far-left cities like San Francisco.

But Davis is still keeping Harry Reid’s guy around, and she is still what she is —  a far-left prog who is out of touch with Texas. Swapping campaign managers doesn’t change any of that. If Davis really wanted to show that she’s in line with Texas values, she wouldn’t hire people like Johanson and Petkanas in the first place. And she wouldn’t insult Texans while trying to impose far-left policies here.

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With echoes of Ann Richards {RIP} voice bouncing about the ether...

'Poor Wendy Davis, she accepted the nomination for Governor of Texas with the silver barrel of a blue state shotgun in her mouth.'
5 weeks ago