June 10: Primary Colors -- AP Calls Defeat for Cantor

Six states are holding primaries today. They are:

Polls began closing at 7:00 pm eastern in South Carolina and Virginia. They close at 8 eastern in Maine, 8:30 eastern in Arkansas, 10 easter in North Dakota and Nevada. Click on each state above to track their results.

The only question in South Carolina's senate races is whether Sen. Lindsey Graham will avoid a runoff by getting 50% of the vote (probably). The anti-Graham vote is split among roughly 14 candidates.

In Virginia, will Rep. Eric Cantor prevail weakly over challenger Dave Brat, or will he win thumpingly? In the very early count, Brat is ahead. But it's early.

RealClearPolitics has a handy primary watch here.

Update: A shock could be on in VA-07.

Update: The GOP's #2 leader in the House has been defeated by Tea Party challenger Dave Brat, according to AP.

This is a shock, and must be chalked up primarily to Cantor showing unreliability on comprehensive immigration reform. He lost the trust of the voters in VA-07. And he has paid for it.

Update: VA-07 is a very conservative district. There's uncertainty whether the Democrats even got a candidate on the ballot for the general election. Cantor, under Virginia law, could seek to win and retain the seat in November via write-in. Under Virginia law, write-ins are not allowed in primaries, but they are allowed in the general election. (UPDATE: Nope. Virginia has a sore-loser law, so Cantor can't mount a write-in run.)

More: A friend in VA-07 tells me that in the closing days of the race, Cantor called Brat a "liberal college professor." Brat is a college economics professor but is not liberal. But Cantor's attack may have backfired.

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"The central policy issue in this race has become Cantor’s absolute determination to pass an amnesty bill. Cantor is the No. 1 cheerleader in Congress for amnesty," Brat had previously written. "This is not the Republican way to fix our economy and labor markets."

Brat said Cantor also doesn't believe in the 10th Amendment and represents the "one party of money" that conservatives and Tea Partiers are challenging. He blasted him for his "arrogance" and elitism for only answering to the Chamber of Commerce instead of the district's voters.

"He sold out the district," Brat said. "In the midst of the worst labor markets that we have, he decides to deliver for the chamber instead of for the district."

Bye, bye Eric
6 weeks ago
Was it just immigration?
6 weeks ago
If anyone wanted to make the argument that the majority leader failed to understand the nature of the tea party...

He couldn't handle it in his own district.
6 weeks ago
Why is it assumed that only TEA party people voted against Cantor?
Do you people not think that non-TEA party folks aren't ALSO Americans who despise rampant illegal immigration?
6 weeks ago
Any bets on the next majority leader?
He should be replaced, within a week. Whether the establishment GOP abides...
6 weeks ago
Hensarling of TX.
6 weeks ago
How long will it take for the GOP establishment to come after Brat? And, how many gotcha questions will the media throw at Brat in hopes of getting a sound bite or two to beat the low-info crowd with for the next 5 months?
6 weeks ago
Freed from Job-Lock, Citizen Cantor will be able to nurture his creative side.
6 weeks ago
Excellent comment, Neoneon.

Now, let's see if there is a lame-duck push for amnesty.
6 weeks ago
BREAKING: Jennifer Rubin has stroke.
6 weeks ago
I understand that registered Democrats can vote in the Republican primary. Do we know yet if the outcome was a result of Democrats wanting to take down a ranking Republican and have a contest with what they imagine is a weaker candidate?

From what I read about Brat, I like the guy. He knows his economics and better yet he approaches he uses moral reasoning. The right man ... elected for the right reason?
6 weeks ago
I'm not celebrating yet. Virginia is an open primary state. I want to see how many Democrats voted for Brat. It could very well be that we got PWND.
6 weeks ago
That's always a possibility. of course; a great number of legislators go to DC to drain the swamps, and find, after a year or two, that the swamps aren't so bad, after all.
6 weeks ago
As a proud resident of Hanover County, VA I take immense pride in the rejection of Eric Cantor, with extreme measure being shown on him. I voted for Eric in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2004, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Enough was enough when the Dream Act stuff could no longer be ignored.

Plus, I've know Dave Brat for a few years. He's solid. We've had beers together. He is us

Go to his website and friend him up. I wouldn't bull stuff you.

Dave is you.
6 weeks ago
You have done an immeasurable service to the country. From the outside, virginia has been disappointing for the last eight years, with the exception of 2010.

Never expected this level of redemption.
6 weeks ago
This is a shot across the bow of the entire Institutional Republican organization. They are now on notice that if they pass Amnesty and Permanent Open Borders, they do so at their IMMEDIATE peril.

It is a good night for patriots.

Subotai Bahadur
6 weeks ago
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